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Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen

Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen
Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen

Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen    Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen

Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen. Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate, Play Yard or Pet Pen. Includes eight 24" panels, can fit openings up to 192". Wall mounting brackets add 2" to each side, 4" total. Easy one-touch safety lock release level.

Once your little one starts walking, child proofing your home is a must. Providing a versatile way to keep your child safe, the Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate and Play Yard offers numerous convenient configurations for around the house.

This play yard and safety gate features durable all-steel components and a hardware-mount system ideal for large, angled or uneven openings. The super wide gate can be expanded to fit openings up to 192" and comes with eight, 24" panels.

It is ideal as a play yard, fireplace barrier, at the landing of stairs, or a super gate for very wide openings. Assembled Product Weight: 37 lbs. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 192.00 x 1.00 x 28.00 Inches. Folds out as our Dog pen and Room divider. We have hardware mounted on one wall to keep pets penned in the nook/tiled floor and fold it out of the way when not in use. Other brackets are mounted to wall near window sill. Found the gate slides between bracket and sill - very convenient as we fold it five+ times a week. Dogs don't push through when penned in for the morning. Also it blocks the Roomba when it vacuums the carpet plus when grandbaby visits keeps child out of kitchen - bonuses. With eight panels, the gate can be alternated to to an even or odd number spot.

So know where you want your gate and add panels if you are mounting to a wall. Got the 192' baby gate for my new puppies to keep them in one area while potty training them. Created a U shape against two walls. (Simular to picture) Each Section locks which makes it almost immoveable. Good size play area Love it!

Keeps all puppy'stuff' and toys in one contained area. We needed somwthing to divide two rooms to separate our dogs from a newborn. This has goven us the eaxcat barrier that we needed. It's great for separating large openings!! In fact this gate is larger than I anticipated and I had to fold two panels back!

The walk through gate is super easy to open and this is great quality. Easily remove from mounts and use in another space as needed! It's great I got it for my rabbit and she is staying inside and free to roam there. This is a great heavy duty gate. I have a 2yr old granddaughter who is very adventurous...

And this manages to keep her away from things that she's not supposed to be in. I use it to corral my office from her.

The only complaint I have is that the screws came in loose. If they're supposed to be bagged... Love this Super Wide Regalo Gate. Needed to keep my dogs from getting in a certain area of my home which is 14 feet wide so this was perfect. Love being able to open the door on it and not move the gate. I was able to adjust panels so I did not have to mount to wall. The only reason I gave it 4 stars it's because it would've been nice for them to include some non-slip pads under it. Over all I recommend this product. Perfect solution to my open floor plan! Perfect width between bars that dogs and cats cannot pass through. The safety latch is easy to quickly open or close.

It's so nice that it can be configured in different ways. We needed to block off an area for our dog after surgery.

Best gate I've used. I now have 2 of these gates. Their just so easy to maneuver. They can take many shapes.

I have been recommended these to others. The best gate for children and dogs. We've been using it for about a year now and it still is like new. I would highly recommend this to anyone. This was so big we divided it by purchasing some extra wall mounts.

Only one bit of advice. If its not bending loosen it. Its a great product and sturdy. One draw back we fixed with a piece of paper was rattling. I used a bit of paper in the mounts and there was no more rattle. Fairly easy to configure as a playpen. Babies who can stand can push it around if it's not tied down. Other than that, it's fine. I was worried the metal would get hot near the pellet stove but it only gets warm to the touch and that's only with the heat and blower on high.

Very sturdy in such a big opening. I use it to keep my dogs out of a room. I like the length of the gate was a little long for where i was putting it so had to take a couple panels off of it. Didnt realize could take off the brackets to screw them in the wall first.

Was having trouble screwing it in the wall... The only thing i didnt like was when installing it had to angle it a little cause 7 panels was too long and so was 6 but thats all i could use so my gate isnt straight. Baby/Pet gate with door opening! Works perfect in a very large area!

Soooo easy to set up! Large area to keep our pups enclosed when we are not around. Enough room for beds, pads and water. The fence worked as promised. I would recommend it to anyone with babies. This gate is exactly what I needed for my baby. And so I can keep it in a safe place! It is resistant, long, large, very easy to install, It is lightweight, easy to move and adapts to different types of use, such as in super wide baby gate or Play yard!! I like it because my 11-month-old and two-year-old girls can't open the door that has the gate, but adults can easily open it!!

It can be screwed to the wall very easy, This door met my needs. It is of excellent quality!! This review was collected as part of a promotion.

I have an awkwardly shaped kitchen opening in my apartment which has made it difficult to keep my toddler out. Finally I have a solution! This gate is amazing and perfect.

It's super easy to set up, keeps my toddler out of the dangers of the kitchen but it's still easy for me to walk through with the gate opening. No more awkward shuffle over other baby gates. This has been a life changer! We also used it at a family get together as a safe play area for 4 babies and toddlers.

So happy to have this Regalo gate in my home! This is a great gate! It's able to block off very large spaces and I can move it around the house and even outside. I'm using it without securing it to the wall and it's fine for smaller dogs!

I would definitely recommend this product and it was a great price too. I'll start by saying we have a 14 month old and a very open living area. Keeping up with him and keeping him out of places all the time sometimes just can't happen.

Definitely wish I would have had with my oldest son. I can move it upstairs or downstairs depending the need especially when it gets cooler to put around the fireplace! Would be great if you had animals to keep separate also. You need to know that it comes apart in sections so may not exactly fit your space. We have a couple bends in ours.

I had ordered a different play yard (a hard plastic), but it was not easy to open and close the gate. The gate on this play yard is easy to open and close.

It is also very sturdy. Couldn't be more pleased. Enclosed entire fieplace and TV stand. 5 year old can easily open gate an keeps 1 year old out. My six month old just started crawling, we used this 4-in-1 Super Wide Baby Gate and Play Yard to cordon off our entire living room! He gets to crawl around to his hearts content and I get some piece of mind!

It's a complete win win. Set up was a breeze and it's so secure!

Used this to make mini play yard for my toddlers, the panels so sturdy and attached very well, easy to assemble or remove, just make sure to loose the plastic joints before pulling apart the gate so they won't break. The gate lock is great, the kids are won't able to open it easily, it's really help me as a mom. Having two little ones learning to walk at the same time is a handful. I have learned that trying to find a baby gate that actually works is hard.

Then I found this one. It reaches from one side to the other of my living room!! This makes cleaning the house or having to do anything period easier. Now instead of having them in their room and having to stop every five minutes to check on them I can do what I need to while they play in the living room. It is super easy to install which was another huge plus for me.

The gate is easy to open and close but is very secure. I also love the fact that you can make it into a'gated play yard' if you wanted to. Overall this is a must have!!! I can't even tell you how much I love this baby gate!! It is perfect for our growing twins.

Such a compact one for the baby to play while I cook or want to go to bathroom. It's lightweight and easy locking mechanism for opening and closing doors.

Easy to install and it folds up pretty compacted of you needed to move it out of the way for awhile. This baby gate works wonders for keeping out 13 month old girl anyway from the fireplace! I love that it is so versatile. You can literally set it up anywhere! I would recommend to anyone with a curious mobile baby!

The baby gate is extremely huge I did not expect it to be this big but honestly that's a plus I see so many functions for it in my household, we have 2 fire places and it's big enough to go around either one with plenty of room to keep the children away, around Christmas I will use it to keep the children away from the tree, it has hard wear to connect it to the walls to secure it and has a locking gate to walk through to what ever you may have closed off, it is a good enough size that my mastiff mix wont jump it either. Best investment if you have babies/toddlers. The 4 in 1 super wide baby gate and play yard is the best. I have a toddler who would follow me around all day but since we got this, things have completely change.

We made a play area for her and gated it so she could stay only in that area and not roam around and it works wonders. She loves playing and can stay there for hours. Play dates get easier for us to since we know toddlers are in a danger free zone. I bought this for my sones daycare to keep my son safe from the pool! Sturdy, nice looking, easy to configure different angles. But you do have to screw it into walls.

It was bought to add to another large section, for more room to play outside on driveway. Set up against open garage. Plenty of space for bicycle rides, pool and water play!

I have the plastic octagon playard, and it has no anchors so my son figured out easily how to bypass it. This one is much better for my purpose. The problem is, you can't easily rearrange the panels, because each one has either top or bottom fittings on both sides, so it has to be the alternate on both sides.

It would be better if they would alternate, so it's top on one side, bottom on the other, giving more freedom on how to arrange them. We managed to find a workaround, so we're still able to use it, thankfully! Also, something to keep in mind-if you have a kid or dog that likes to rattle the gate, it's not sturdy if you make it straight. Got it to confine my small Yorkie.

The gate is very easy to use and sturdy. It can be divided into smaller sections. Works great for my little dogs. No more pee on the upholstery. Easy to take sections out as it was too wide.

It doesn't slide to collapse to exact width so we just kept a few bends in it. Actually made a bit more sturdy in doing that after we attached to the wall. We used a little stronger screw to wall as this will be used for Labrador puppy as a room divider until house broken.

We are using this to allow our dogs to be free on our deck. The gate allows for it to be'broken' into to units that we have blocking two sets of stairs on our deck. It is very easy to move and secure in place. Works perfectly where we planned to put it.

Had a bit of an issue unlocking one of the knobs but we finally got it. Overall, it's a good gate. If you have a strong 1 year old (I do), you'll definitely want to take advantage of the wall mounting option as it's largely useless without it! We haven't had any issues since we mounted it though.

I would have given this 5 stars if it hadn't been for the fact that the first product I received was completely mangled. The box was in pieces and the gate itself (made of metal, mind you) was bent and broken. I was luckily able to return it and get a replacement, but I had to use up a roll of duct tape mending the box to be able to send it back. I had been very excited to receive the gate in the first place and was incredibly disappointed when it arrived in that condition. This gate came already put together and we like that it folds and locks so we didn't need the wall mounts.

It is just perfect for dividing a room for my two toddlers to play on one side and my pre-teens to play on the other! We got this gate to give our little dogs more space to move around when we're not home and to keep them off the carpet.

Love this fence it's really long and adjustable. Sturdy, metal and easy to put together. Perfect size to keep the dogs off the carpet from wet and/or muddy feet.

This gate fit our needs. We have a wide opening from our living room to the kitchen and we needed a gate to keep our 8 week old yorkie confined.

The only reason its5 not a 5 star is that our yorkie can fit through the bars. We had to put a mesh fence attached to the gate to keep her in.

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  • Type: Doorway Gate
  • Features: AdAdjustable, Easy Installation, Foldable, Free Standing
  • Material: Metal
  • Width: 1.00
  • Height: 28.00
  • Color: White
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Bundle Description: None
  • Modified Item: No
  • Modification Description: N/A
  • Brand: Regalo
  • MPN: 1350 DS

Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen    Baby Gate Child Safety Fence Kit Stairs Doorway Gates Extra Large Play Yard Pen