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NEW 12v Thomas SOLAR POND AERATION Kit OFF Grid Aerator 2yr Warranty 100' Hose

NEW 12v Thomas SOLAR POND AERATION Kit OFF Grid Aerator 2yr Warranty 100' Hose
NEW 12v Thomas SOLAR POND AERATION Kit OFF Grid Aerator 2yr Warranty 100' Hose
NEW 12v Thomas SOLAR POND AERATION Kit OFF Grid Aerator 2yr Warranty 100' Hose

NEW 12v Thomas SOLAR POND AERATION Kit OFF Grid Aerator 2yr Warranty 100' Hose   NEW 12v Thomas SOLAR POND AERATION Kit OFF Grid Aerator 2yr Warranty 100' Hose
YOU WILL ADD OXYGEN & CIRCULATE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF WATER from bottom of your pond to the top for drastically improved water Quality! Solar powered POND AERATOR SYSTEMS. NOTE This kit does not come with batteries, panel Mounting poles, Charge Controllers, enclosure for pump, wiring, or Solar Panels, etc. YOU WILL NEED TO SUPPLY SOLAR PANELS AND BATTERIES! We recommend enough panels and batteries to support ABOVE the rated watts and amps for this compressor so enough panels to run 400+ watts and 30+ Amps. Now you can Improve your Pond ANYWHERE! What's really great about this sytem is that it is. No monthly electric bills follow you when using these systems. All are designed to offer a QUALITY system at an affordable price that is SUBSTANTIALLY less than what others are offering.

When the sun is shining, your aerator is pumping. A great choice to make a big difference in your pond water quality without spending much more. Pump size, style, color may vary from photo based on current production. The pump comes ready to be hard wired into a junction box or spliced onto a power cord. These will need to be protected from the elements and must have lots of ventilation.

It is recommended to have cooling fans running on the pump and out of the box to keep it cool. Aeration pump capable of Pressure over 100 PSI Commercial Heavy Duty Pump with. Single Output 1/3hp pump w/ flow of approximately 1.4 - 2 CFM for Medium to Lg. Size Lakes & Ponds up to: 17ft deep. 100ft hose (weighted self sink).

The included sink tube is. Flexible & easy to work with standard aeration hose. (You will REALLY appreciate flexibility of this hose if you've ever worked with polyethylene or other similar, much stiffer hoses on the market). 1 - Membrane Diffuser 9 with weighted base! For efficient oxygen transfer & water mixing lift.

You simply attach to the included hose & drop them into the desired location of your pond! These are not weighted and can at times float up - you can connect to a brick or weighted base to prevent this - in most cases the weight of the sink tube will keep them from floating. Instructions, clamps, tee fitting, pump to hose connector. If you are not knowledgeable in wiring - it is recommended to have an electrician wire your pump to a GFCI rated outdoor outlet.

You will have to do the following: Hard wire the pump to your electrical connections. Mount SOLAR PANEL(S) securely in a South Facing location with a clear view of the Sun at about a 30 degree angle and mount securely. The panel is glass and you don't want it to blow over and break in the wind. Aiming the panel is easy as you can hear the air pump running faster as you point at the most efficient angle toward the sun.

Mount the pump in a sheltered area (some type of "roof" over the top of the pump is ideal) to keep rain/snow/sun etc. We've found the simplest and best location is at the back side of the solar panel and simply provided with a small angled roof tin, wood, etc. Over the top to provide some shelter. These systems are designed to be as Affordable as possible, yet still deliver performance worthwhile for your pond. Output WILL drop during cloudy conditions, but WILL typically continue to operate, expecially with system #2 (which uses larger oversize panels).

The output will vary from a maximum in bright sunlite. Less during dusk and dawn and cloudy periods AND will stop running during the night, ready to resume the following daybreak. Unless you add additional panel, battery & a charge controller box. So, YES SOLAR Electricity is cool and in some lake/pond locations may be your best choice! It's FREE and typically long lived (photovoltaic panels typically last 20+ years in service). Also, not getting an electric bill is awesome too. Solar doesn't work at night without added expense of storage batteries and usually another (or more) panels. Solar puts out DC electricity. AC power can be made with the extra expense of a Power Inverter (also decreases your efficiency, as the inverter uses power to operate). DC powered electric motors are typically Not as long lived AND are More Expensive than similar sized AC electric motors. Up front costs of installing solar vs. Regular AC "plug in" system (for same output) is at least Double!

Subsurface aerators are a great solution for many of our customers, especially since Deep Aire subsurface aerators do not require electricity to be in a pond. We broke down all you need to know about one of our best pond aerators to help your pond stay clean and healthy. Subsurface aerators, or diffused aeration systems, are designed as an alternative source of aeration, taking oxygen to a ponds lowest depth along the bottom. Diffused air systems utilize an air compressor, located on the shore, that delivers oxygen through a hose to a special diffuser lying on the pond bottom. A submersible aerator or large pond aerator like this one keeps the pond or lake clean and healthy without a large spray pattern.

A Deep Air subsurface aeration system is perfect if youre looking for something that requires no above surface water spray, surface obstructions, or installations that prohibit the use of electricity in the water. Any body of water that needs to regulate water aeration. Anyone wanting an aerator but not a big spray pattern. Body of water installations that prohibit the use of electricity in the water. Recreational bodies of water like lakes or swimming areas.

No electricity required at the waters edge. Your compressor needs electricity, but the compressor can be located wherever you desire. No floating object on the water surface enabling you to go boating or fishing. Lower maintenance and service costs due to no moving parts in the water. These systems do not require electricity to be in the pond. Eliminates thermal stratification, making it ideal for deep-water applications. One compressor aerates one long, narrow pond, or two small ponds. Improves water quality and clarity. These Units are a subsurface aeration system with a piston type air compressor, air hose, and an air diffuser.

Designed to improve oxygen levels and destratification in deep bodies of water. The shore mounted rocking piston compressor produces compressed air through a air tube to a membrane diffuser located on the bottom of the pond. The compressed air is released into the water through the membrane diffuser releasing thousands of fine bubbles, which rise to the surface. As the bubbles of air rise, oxygen is transferred into the water. Simultaneously, as the bubbles rise, water is pulled upward, creating a flow of water from the bottom of the pond to the surface.

When selecting a subsurface aeration system, consider the shape, surface area, and depth of the pond. The amount of surface area the diffused system will effectively cover is dependent on the depth of the shape of the pond. The area of coverage increases the deeper the diffuser is located in the water. The shape of a pond also affects the number of diffusers needed. An irregular shaped pond, i.

Kidney-shaped, rectangular, or one with an island or peninsula, will require multiple diffusers to adequately disperse the oxygen. The item "NEW 12v Thomas SOLAR POND AERATION Kit OFF Grid Aerator 2yr Warranty 100' Hose" is in sale since Monday, February 11, 2019.

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  • Type: Solar Aeration Kit
  • Features: Algae Protection
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  • Bundle Description: Thomas 12V Compressor Sink Tube Diffuser

NEW 12v Thomas SOLAR POND AERATION Kit OFF Grid Aerator 2yr Warranty 100' Hose   NEW 12v Thomas SOLAR POND AERATION Kit OFF Grid Aerator 2yr Warranty 100' Hose