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PREMIUM 11'' Easy Installation Deep Sensitive Metal Detector FREE Accessories

PREMIUM 11'' Easy Installation Deep Sensitive Metal Detector FREE Accessories

PREMIUM 11'' Easy Installation Deep Sensitive Metal Detector FREE Accessories    PREMIUM 11'' Easy Installation Deep Sensitive Metal Detector FREE Accessories

PrEMIUM Metal Detector Deep Sensitivity Kit Gold Hunter w/ 11 WATERPROOF Coil. Power supplys mode: 1 9V battery. Frequency: 19.2kHz, crystal control.

Operating humidity: 090% (non condensing). 1.5m Stretch length: 42-52in.

Search coil size: 290 185mm / 11.42 7.28in. Package size: 560 220 80mm / 22.0 8.7 3.1in.

Lightweight: 1800g / 4.0lb. A Complete METAL DETECTOR ADVENTURE KIT.

This top rated T-BI03 Aluminum Alloy Metal Detectors Kit are made of 11 INCH Big Waterproof Search Coil and Best Quality /LCD Display which is exceptionally clear, accurate, durable, double quoted and scratch resistant. T's a new high-performance multi-purpose professional grade metal detector.

It utilizes the latest advances in electronic technology, and its functional design represents the leading edge of the metal detector engineering art. This Professional METAL DETECTOR includes. One Metal Detector Main Unit. 11 inch Big Waterproof Search Coil. Shovel to Do the Digging Job. Headphone for you to Find the Metal'Secretly. Black Bag for Packing the whole kit in Daily Use. Comprehensive Operating Manual & Guide to Metal Detecting. Colorful Packing Box (Good to send this to your friend, your dad, your children as gift). The Very Best Detecting Experience. Big EASY-TO-READ LCD Display, Straightforward Menu-Driven User Interface, Operating State always visible, Target ID, Battery Condition, Message Center, Mode Settings. Invisible Display Can Help You Doing Well in Practical. Best Ergonomics in the Industry Intuitive User Interface. Double Filter Discrimination Modes for Searching in Trashy Areas. Trigger Actuated Instant Ground Cancellation. Super Sensitive - Detect Coins to 15 Inches and more.

Ground Mineralization Bar Graph Readout. Waterproof 11-Inch Open Frame Bi-Axial Search Coil. Great for Highly Mineralized Soils. Operating Frequency of 19.2 kHz.

Please follow the following instructions to MULTI-MODE OPERATION. All Metal Mode for greatest depth.

Discrimination modes to eliminate unwanted metals. Ground cancellation works in all modes. Dual-Function Trigger Switch, Pull for accurate target pinpointing.

Push to cancel ground mineral interference, GROUND Mineral Displays. Take your T-BI03 Metal Detector Kit and Begin your Detecting Adventure with Your Friends Now! The long term members gave it their nod of approval and it is worthy of their respect. That was the test for this product in my view. Recommended for people serious about the hobby. And yes it has a small owners manual contrary to what other reviewers stated. Could they have left it in the box. It was lightly taped to the inside wall. Needs a learning curve to fully benefit. I've always wanted a metal detector so I decided to give this one a try since it was on sale and got good reviews. A few of my family members have some really high dollar detectors. I went detecting with them and my metal detector was on the same level as theirs, but at a much lower cost. They were very impressed with the quality of my machine. I'm excited to do more exploring with this. I did find out there are laws/guidelines/rules for metal detecting in certain areas, so please check with your local parks and recreation department before just going out with your metal detector. Some places require a permit and/or permission. I've found so many quarters and other coins with this wonderful detector. Works better than my old detector that costs double. I highly recommend this unit to a newbie. After watching some videos on YouTube it was pretty easy to get the hang of using it. You should expect to receive your order within. Please pay as soon as possible so that we can post your product to you sooner! Ing set includes one Metal Detector Main Unit, two Connecting Rod, one 11 inch Big Waterproof Search Coil, one Shovel, one Headphone, one Black Bag, one Operating Manual, total in a Colorful Packing Box.

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PREMIUM 11'' Easy Installation Deep Sensitive Metal Detector FREE Accessories    PREMIUM 11'' Easy Installation Deep Sensitive Metal Detector FREE Accessories